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Medium Length Gothic Hairstyles

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Gothic hairstyles in the 1980s were famous for their size. They were often large, curled, teased or curled and often presents colors like deep black, red or purple. The site says: “At this time, Goth hairstyles still exist, but it is not a” rule “to have the hairstyle big or all black.

Instead Goths still wear black, but may have to experiment with different hairstyles that may be affected more punk rock. “Goth hairstyles can also be arbitrarily long, from short to long. Medium-length hair, but a degree of versatility with styles.


While some people associate dreadlocks with hippies, dreads have become a definite element in many Goth hairstyles. You can make your own medium length hair in to dreads and or add dread extensions. When it comes to goth looks however, dreads look best when they’re either black or platinum, with a few splashes of other colours like red. On medium length hair, you wear your dreads loose, pulled back from the face or styled into spiked hairdos. Regardless, dreads will give you an undeniably Gothic look.

Retro Goth Styles

Certain retro hairstyles are popular among the Gothic community, as these styles can be particularly striking with jet black hair. Many of these styles require medium length hair for the best effect. To achieve this style, brush the front of your hair along the crown into a bouffant and spray it in place, securing it with pins. Straight iron the remaining hair in a razor straight style down your back. This style is commonly worn by singer Amy Winehouse. On the other hand, you can roll up your hair in medium size rollers and brush it out so that your hair curls under, parting it on the side like burlesque icon Dita Von Teese.

Punk Gothic

Certain Gothic styles are heavily influenced by punk styles as well. For example, some of the most basic Gothic hairstyles just involve having razor-straight black hair. However, those styles are now often updated by extreme asymmetrical fringe or layers, commonly worn by the punk community. With medium hair you can dye it jet black, add some extreme layers and then either straighten it until it is totally flat or just straighten parts of it, twisting the rest of the ends upward and pinning them in striking positions that frame your face.

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