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Celebrity Short Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face

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Celebrity Short Hairstyles for Fat Chubby Face

With around or just plump for his fat face does not seem funny if you are older than five. Fashion magazines are obsessed with beautiful prominent cheekbones, but what can you do if this baby face with chubby cheeks? It really does not matter because even chubby lady can look beautiful with the right hairstyle. Celebrity with convex faces show the best examples of good hairstyles Thet not thicken your look.

Oval chubby face

Oscar-winning actress has an oval face, not fat, but plump, which is why they have good haircut. Lond-haired Jennifer wore spare Pony and wavy locks, short hairstyle features her face perfectly and because of the soft layers on top. Both styles hide the front and it looks very flattering for this face type.

Symmetrically round chubby face

Kirsten Dunst select short hair or medium length hair with light waves. It allows a symmetrical face shape even wear chin-length bob law. Braided Hairstyle with jewel accessories and side bangs look great for special occasions such as at style evening.

Thick round face with chubby cheeks

American supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel makes lingerie ad campaigns, but not the typical model face – round, plump with thick cheeks. With her face as your beautiful eyes makeup need – Kate pulls Retro 50s – and hairdos with big for her. Back to the comb, moderate updos and side flat this chubby face.

Long face with chubby cheeks and prominent chin

Drew Barrymore’s face is not particularly hard to fit into female beauty look. Long chubby face you have hairstyles that enhance your face, they can be long or short. Drew’s face looks very balanced with slightly layerd blonde short bob swept back and wavy short hair style.

Round, flat face with high cheekbones

Julia Stiles face is not easily adapt to some hairstyles. She has flat round face with chubby cheeks, high cheekbones, small eyes and bulging eyelids. If you have the same problems, you emphasize your eyes with beautiful lines. As for the hair, choose Page bob versions, not very smooth and not very dimensional. Their appearance should be balanced, not aggressive.

Wide chubby face

Americans plus size icon Tara Lynn has a well balanced broad chubby face with soft feminine features. What to do? Well, nothing special. Tara keeps her hair healthy, long and sometimes slightly wavy. Irresistible women as neutral eyebrows with natural makeup and well marked conditioning.

Symmetrical round face with chubby cheeks

Aussie actress and singer Emily Browning has a very balanced symmetrical face with prominent apple cheeks. It makes each girl a little baby look and some women are not happy. If you want nice, not childish to look at, choose long or medium hairstyle with neat bangs on your chubby cheeks and daring short layered hairstyle overthrow.

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